Sellers Guide

When selling a home, there are many things to remember.

First, look at your home through the Buyer's eyes. Look for things that need to be repaired, fixed, hauled off, painted, trimmed or cleaned. The reasons these are so important is because they have to do with first impressions. You sometimes only have that one showing to impress Buyers. If they see a dirty, or broker home, they move on to the next home and you are forgotten.

Secondly, if you expect a higher price for your home then it needs to be perceived by the Buyers to be worth it. If you do not have the means in which to do repairs, then price your home accordingly. In this case, at least have your home cleaned and picked up, the yard mowed and some air freshener throughout.

Third, make it easy to show your home. Allow a For Sale sign in your yard for people who are driving by, a lockbox to allow for a key to access your home and if rented, ask the tenant to be flexible for showings and to please keep the home neat as possible.

Fourth, if you have any pets, please keep them crated or in a fenced area so when Buyers are walking through your home they can see all of it. Every room needs to be seen, touched and possibly photographed so Buyers can remember the home.

Fifth, please get your agent all of the documents he needs such as Plat, survey, Property Disclosure, Restrictions, Appraisal, keys, codes, taxes, insurance amount and HOA fee amount.

Sixth, have all of your utility information written out for your agent to give to a buyer’s agent so they may be transferred on closing day.